Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

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Is it time to clean your air ducts?

As the temperature starts to cool, heating the home for comfort is top-of-mind for many homeowners.  However, it’s what’s out of sight—the tucked away air ducts—that should cause some concern.   Every fall/winter season, there’s an uptick in energy bills and even worse, respiratory health problems.   An extensive duct cleaning can lower heating bills and improve indoor air flow, thereby improving quality of life…physically and financially.

Cut energy spending bills.

The numbers are in.  If you’re looking to trim down your energy bill costs, cleaning air ducts is the starting point to a more energy-efficient home.  You could unplug every appliance and power down every device but it requires an in-depth look at the most overlooked space in the home to see a significant savings. Clogged ducts force furnaces and heating units to work in overdrive.  In a nutshell:  less energy equals greater efficiency.  According to some weatherization experts, heating and cooling costs can be typically cut by 20 percent to 30 percent through vent and air duct cleaning.  In some households (the ones with clean air ducts), homeowners are earning a savings of $120 or more a year, plus enjoying better indoor air quality. Improve air quality and quality of life.

The arrival of winter brings the dehydration of the nasal passages and lung linings.  Now, add vents lined with dust, mold and pollen circulating throughout the home and this is the perfect storm for individuals who are more susceptible to respiratory problems such as asthma, as well as sinus congestion and viral infections. Vent cleaning in tandem with frequent air filter replacement thwarts unhealthy air quality and respiratory illnesses and builds up your immunity against environmental toxins.

Inspection, cleaning and prevention.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I can YouTube some videos and handle this myself.”  You could but why would you want to, when our expert team of IICRC-certified technicians can complete the process within one to two hours.  Trust me, we can tell when someone has performed DIY on their vents.   Our three-fold approach includes inspection, cleaning and prevention.

The cleaning and prevention steps ensure improved air quality and lower energy bills, and the upside is the life of your air vents has been extended.  The need for duct work is less frequent.  We’re talking approximately five to ten years until the next vent cleaning.

At Environmental Consulting Group, we’re committed to happy homes and happier homeowners.  Let us take this ONE thing from your to-do list.  Contact us for a consultation.