Finding Mold… What to Expect?

Finding black mold is never exciting, in fact, it can be a sign of a much more serious problem or water leak somewhere in your home. Treating the visible area with dangerous chemicals or using home remedies may remove visible mold, but falls short of actually solving your problem.

When left untreated, black mold can wreak havoc on your lungs and cause a variety of symptoms escalating in severity. What may seem like simple allergies with no specific causes can often lead to frequent unexplained headaches.

Black mold thrives on damp areas in the crevices of your home and as such, is sometimes hard to detect and eradicate. Chances are, if you’ve spotted mold on the exterior of a surface, there’s much more lurking behind.

Here’s the process you’ll be faced with when dealing with mold.

  1. First and foremost,  call an expert. Gambling with your health isn’t something anyone should risk. Having a mold assessment is a reasonable inexpensive way to identify where, what type and how much mold you have.
  2. Mold requires moisture to grow; solving the moisture problem is a priority. Once the water intrusion has been addressed, a professional remediater will attack the mold problem.
  3. When mold has been identified, it needs to be quarantined. Normally, the affected area will be closed off to avoid excess reproduction from mold spores floating through the air, yes… mold travels through the air! This is normally done with plastic sheeting and tape to form chambers. Each room will be cleaned separately and tests will be conducted to check on the progress of the remediation.
  4. Simple wiping down of an area will visible remove the mold… but what about all that stuff floating around? Filtration systems are used to clean the air with HEPA filters. These machines suck the dirty mold spore filled air in and pump out clean fresh air!
  5. The last part is tricky, if any materials need to be removed, it has to be done as carefully as possible to prevent spores from spreading throughout your environment. Again, this is best done by professionals because black mold loves to grow… and can, if containment isn’t done properly.

If the damage to the structure was extensive, repairs can usually be done once the infected area has been cleaned, so you can get back to living mold free with the least inconvenience as possible.