Removing Basement Odor

Removing Basement Odor

holding your noseAfter a flood, the water cleanup is just one part of the job. Nasty odors can be left behind once the waters recede. To make the basement area a usable space once again, homeowners must deodorize their homes. Here are some steps to take to remove that stench.

  • Be sure that all remaining floodwater (and mud) has been removed. Even a small puddle can cause a big smell.
  • After you are 100 percent water-free, take an empty spray bottle and mix in three-quarters hot water with one-quarter bleach.
  • Spray the floors with the solution and scrub with a brush. Then, tackle the walls and ceiling with the mixture. (To protect the skin, always wear rubber gloves.)
  • Use fans to keep the basement dry, as well as a dehumidifier.
  • To absorb any remaining smells, put a couple pieces of charcoal in tin coffee cans (with the lid off). Try to have one can in each corner of the basement.

Getting Rid of the Mildew Smell

If you believe that mildew has started to develop and is the source of the smell, here are some other ways to battle that potentially dangerous problem.

  • Here, too, use a dehumidifier to keep the basement dry. This helps to prevent the mildew from spreading or coming back.
  • To remove mildew spores, vacuum all surfaces, including carpets, rugs, and upholstered surfaces. Be sure to trash the vacuum bag when you are done.
  • Mix a gallon of hot water with a 1⁄2 cup of bleach to create a solution to kill any remaining mildew on hard surfaces, like the flooring and walls. Don’t forget to spray those hard-to-reach crevices and corners. Again, always use rubber gloves. (Also, never mix bleach and ammonia together. When combined, they create toxic fumes.)
  • For the upholstery, make a mixture of a cup of water and a cup of rubbing alcohol. Use a sponge to blot the upholstery and let everything air dry. In addition, you can scatter baking soda over dried upholstery, rugs, and carpets. Leave it on overnight and vacuum the following day.
  • Finally, pour some white vinegar into shallow bowls and leave them around the basement overnight. This also will help to kill the odor.

Get Help With Removing the Basement Odor

Even after all these removal techniques, an odor still may remain. Mildew, or even mold, could be lurking in places that you could not reach, such as inside the walls or underneath the floor. In these cases, it is best to contact a company like Environmental Consulting Group Inc.

We specialize in deodorizing basements and mold and mildew remediation, and we can get your basement back to pre-flood conditions in no time. Contact Environmental Consulting Group today to see how we can help you.