Specialty Drying Services


Injectidry systems combined with TES (Thermal Energy System) direct dry warm air where it is needed (ceilings, walls and hard wood floors) to speed up the drying process. The faster the structure is dried, the less chance mold will grow.

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Weighted Extraction

We utilize the latest technology available to the industry in water extraction. Where ordinary extractors fall short, our weighted extractors remove considerable more water in less time. Weighted compression is needed to force the air to move deeply through the pad to get the stubborn water that light wands leave behind, minimizing your overall damage.

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Thermal Energy System (TES)

Environmental Consulting Group, Inc utilizes TES, “The World’s Fastest Drying System.” TES is a unique, patent-pending water damage restoration system that utilizes Direct Heat Drying. This method combines controlled heat and air flow to produce high-speed evaporation which dramatically improves the drying process. Designed for all applications of water damage, it allows restorers to rescue wet building materials before permanent damage is caused. Environmental Consulting Group, Inc is certified in applying this Thermal Energy System (TES) in every situation, from saturated carpet and sheetrock to muddy crawl spaces and cupped hardwood floors. Our technicians will perform an extensive inspection of your home or building with our state of- the-art Thermal Imaging Cameras, to narrow down the source of the damage and to create a scope of work. So while other restoration contractors are gutting the interior of your home, causing weeks if not months of down time and outrageous expenses, Environmental Consulting Group, Inc repairs the damage and has you back to normal with only a fraction of the repairs and costs of the competitors.

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