Water Damage?  Why it’s Important to Use Certified Technicians

Water Damage? Why it’s Important to Use Certified Technicians

water damage - man on the phoneWater Damage?  Why it’s Important to Use Certified Technicians

A flooded basement emergency can inspire panic in most homeowners or business owners. Your first thought is to just get that water out of there before more damage is done. But, in your haste to remove the water, don’t be vulnerable to scams and fly-by-night companies who will take your money without doing a thorough clean-up and restoration. Then, when you need to get your money back, or get them to finish the job, they are nowhere to be found.

With water damage, it’s important to detect ALL of the moisture – even in hidden places. Otherwise, the water will continue to cause unseen damage and will eventually create odors and mold. The easiest way to avoid unscrupulous businesses and to be sure the restoration company you select is equipped to do a thorough job is to ask if their technicians are certified.

Look for IICRC Certification

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has been the cleaning, inspection and restoration service industry watchdog, certification agency and more for 30+ years. Formed in 1972 to serve as an independent, non-profit certification body, IICRC sets high standards and ethics, as well as advances technical proficiency for its 4,600 certified firms.

IICRC has established training and certification programs for technicians and business owners. To achieve certification, business owners must “prove they have insurance, maintain a written customer complaint policy with documented follow-up, and provide ongoing education and training leading to certification for all technicians. IICRC Certified Firms are also required to abide by the IICRC Code of Ethics,” according to IICRC.

Because the IICRC certification process is rigorous, ongoing, and monitored closely, consumers can trust that and IICRC-certified restoration company will do the job correctly and thoroughly the first time.

Ask about the Company’s Equipment

Beyond training, experience and certification, a water damage restoration company will also use the latest equipment and technology to detect unseen water. Sophisticated moisture detection meters and drying equipment help technicians restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. For example, Environmental Consulting Group uses thermal imaging to visually see the extent of the water damage. Without the advantage of thermal imaging, technicians employing traditional inspection methods need to guess or use invasive techniques to find all of the hidden water. The latest thermal imaging devices allow us to create an accurate road map to follow throughout the restoration process. So while other contractors would still be using old methods to map out a scope of affected areas, Environmental Consulting Group is already attending to the damage, correcting the problems, and mitigating the restoration. Through timely response, the careful monitoring of water damage and high-tech equipment, an IICRC-certified technician can act quickly to restore your property and to also prevent mold and other health issues.

Every firm that has been approved and certified by the IICRC is added to their database. You can also look for the IICRC logo on the firm’s website and other materials. At Environmental Consulting Group, we are proud to hold IICRC certification as well as use the latest equipment and techniques to control costs, contain damage, and return your property to its pre-loss condition.  We aim to shorten the drying process so that you can get back to your lives as quickly as possible. From drying carpet and hardwood floors to drying walls as substrates, Environmental Consulting Group puts our great skill, advanced technology and hands-on experience to work for you. Learn more about our water damage clean-up methods here.